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21 new OER products representing BIOL, BUS, CHLD, ENGL, ENVS, GEOG, GEOL, HIST, ITIS, MATH, NUTR, PHYS, SOC, & SPAN


31 proposals submitted by 4/19/21 deadline
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Want to learn more about Open Educational Resources? This course includes four online workshops (two hours each). Additional online resources can be found in the Canvas course.

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Also, you can join the ASCCC OERI Canvas shell to learn more about discipline specific resources. 


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• OER Liaison Newsletter - September 2021 • 

Greetings! As the Open Educational Resources Liaison for our college, it is my role to share communications from the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges (ASCCC) Open Educational Resources Initiative (OERI) with you. Please read on to learn about upcoming events that are open to all as well as an opportunity for faculty to play a role in increasing OER consideration and adoption by others in their discipline.  


If I can assist you in your considering OER - or answer any OER - related questions, please let me know. – Sarah Bosler  You can always visit our Citrus College OER website to see what has been implemented on campus. 


• $115 Million • 


Over the summer the legislature included 115 million dollars to expand zero textbook cost (ZTC) degrees in the California community colleges. The first disbursement of these funds must be made in January 2022. As OERI learns more about how the funds will be distributed, we will keep you informed. At present, we are actively advocating for an approach that is sustainable and ensures that all colleges establish systems to further local OER and ZTC efforts to maximize the impact on our students. Learn more at our 1st weekly webinar on Friday, September 10 (details below). 


• OERI Opportunities  


OERI is seeking new and additional Discipline Leads for the current term, as well as leads for the openly-licensed tools, My Open Math and H5P. Access the application and additional information about the Discipline Lead role. Discipline Leads a stipend of $500 at the end of each term upon completion of their specified tasks. Full-time and part-time faculty may apply. Also, we will soon need reviewers for our RFP 3 projects so please consider serving in this important role. If you previously applied, we have your information, and you will be considered for any available roles in which you indicated an interest. If you are uncertain as to what roles you indicated in your application, you may either resubmit the application or submit a letter describing your interests and qualifications to the ASCCC OERI. 


Both the ASCCC OERI Application and the ASCCC Faculty Application for Statewide Service need to be completed. We accept applications on an on-going basis but encourage those who are interested to submit as soon as possible to ensure consideration.


• OERI Weekly Webinars – September 2021 • 


Starting September 10, 2021, OERI Weekly Webinars are scheduled for Fridays from 10:30 am to 11:30 am. The ASCCC OERI will provide automated captioning for all webinars. If you would like to request live human closed-captioning for any of our offerings, please contact us by e-mail at least 10 business days in advance. 


OERI Webinars are intended for a diverse audience. Please share with your colleagues. We hope you will all join us!  


Friday, September 10, 10:30 - 11:30am 

OER and ZTC in the California Community Colleges - An Update 

Join us for a comprehensive update of all things related to OER and ZTC as we begin the Fall '21 term. What do we know - and what do we not know - about the $115 million the system has received to further our ZTC efforts? What's the OERI's vision for those funds? How do you think the funds should be spent? Who decides? Join us to learn - and share. 

Register for OER and ZTC in the California Community Colleges - An Update 


Friday, September 17, 10:30 - 11:30am 

Licensing and OER - How and Why 

This interactive session is intended for those who are familiar with licensing OER but want to check and expand their understanding. After a review of licensing basics and license compatibility, some of the more complex licensing considerations will be discussed. For example, how are collections and remixes different and why does it matter? Bring your questions and licensing challenges. 

Register for Licensing and OER - How and Why 


Friday, September 24, 10:30 - 11:30am 

OER and the Hesitant - Testing the Waters 

While some faculty may choose to dive into the deep end when adopting OER, others prefer to approach the shallow end first. Every OER adoption is a unique journey and may be attempted in a variety of ways. Of course, floaties are available. How do you dip your feet in the OER world by just adopting a chapter or an assignment? Where do you find quality resources to buoy your plunge into OER? Join us for this invigorating swim into the waters of OER. 

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