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Locate titles adopted by faculty for the courses listed on this page as they are reflected in WingSpan for Summer/Fall 2020. This is a historical listing that includes current adoptions, check with the instructor to make sure which textbook they are using for the current term. Low Cost is generally accepted to be $50 or less as the total cost of the course materials for the class. Last updated 7/31/20

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Print Options

Students: No/Low cost course materials are provided by faculty members via Canvas or other method. Go to class first to learn how to access the materials. Some low cost options can be purchased in print at the Owl Bookshop. 

*EBSCO & ProQuest eBook Options

Faculty: Ask a librarian if your supplemental or required course materials are available in an unlimited, DRM-free ebook version from EBSCO, ProQuest or other e-resource publisher. These options provide no-cost materials via library acquisition. 

* Login Required for off campus access. Some copies allow one user at a time to access, others, three and some allow simultaneous unlimited user access. Some ProQuest titles allow up to 325 uses per year due to publisher restrictions. Some ProQuest titles allow the user to download for one day while also being available to view online by another user. If a book is not available, check back later for availability. When you are finished using an ebook, make sure to exit out so other can use it. 

Counseling & Educational Assistance Courses

  • COUN 101 Rivadenyra
  • ​COUN 103 Desimone (Various)
  • COUN 110 Herrera (PressBooks)
  • COUN 130 Desimone (Low Cost)
  • COUN 145 Desimone, Herrera, Rivadenyra, Rodriguez, Villa & Yee (OER Commons)
  • COUN 158 Herrera (Citrus College)
  • COUN 160 Castillo, Herrera, McBurney, Villa (Univ. of MN)
  • COUN 161 Rodriguez (Univ. of MN)
  • COUN 201/210 Herrera (Citrus College)
  • COUN 205 Yee (Text 1 & Text 2)
  • EAC 088 Ferrelli (EBSCO-Unlimited)*

Other available options (not yet adopted)

Kinesiology & Athletics

Many KIN/KINC courses have no required texts or use a variety of OER.

  • KIN 100 Shaw (ProQuest 3-User)* Login Req. 
  • KIN 116, 117, 118 Shaw (Various)
  • KIN 151 Shaw/Rodriguez (Various) 
  • KIN 166 Shaw (OpenStax)
  • KIN 167 Shaw
  • KIN 170 Shaw (Georgia Highlands College)
  • KIN 171H Shaw (Foothill College)
  • KIN 173 Shaw 

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Language Arts, Foreign Language & Communication

Math & Business

  • MATH 062/162 Martinez, Saykali, Swatzel (OpenTextbookStore & OpenStax)
  • MATH 065/165 ES Workbook 199 (Citrus College-Print Only via Bookstore)
    • Cost $19.95 (Summer 2020)
  • MyOpenMath (Various Math faculty)

Natural, Physical & Health Sciences

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Visual & Performing Arts


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