The following resources support Prof. Sean Curran's ENGL 103 Research Assignment (Summer 2020)

The question your research essay will answer: In the United States, should police departments be reformed or abolished? 

Your thesis should address three more particular questions:
1. What should be the function of a police department in any given American city?
2. In what ways has a specific local city of your choice consistently failed in fulfilling that function?
3. What is the model solution for this city in particular, for American cities in general, in making necessary changes to the police department? Should it be reformed in specific ways or should it be removed and replaced?

Search Tips

Suggested Keywords: criminal justice reform, police reform, police training, law enforcement reform, municipal police services, restorative justice, community policing...

Suggested Websites: Locate specific city police department websites to information about their transparency. Look for mission/core values information, messages to the community in light of George Floyd murder, transparency statement, community updates, etc. 

Evaluating Sources: CRAAP Test and more

Key Databases: Opposing Viewpoints in Context, US Newsstream and EBSCOhost


Readings to help get you started in figuring out what you want to write and how you will support your argument:


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