This guide will assist students in ENGL 103 and other literature classes seeking criticism on drama, short stories, and poetry.

ENGL 103: It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel ...

The following resources support Prof. Sean Curran's ENGL 103 Research Assignment (Fall 2021)

Using your critical thinking skills and your research, develop a thesis-centered argument that answers the following three questions in detail:

1. How do we ethically stay grounded in the face of these threats to the world?
2. What imaginative resources (works of fiction) can we use for the purpose of highlighting the dire nature of these threats or to envision potential solutions? What critical theory helps guide such an interpretation of these imaginative resources?
3. Though ideally all the world-ending threats should be dealt with at the same time, what world-ending threat is shown by experts to be the current highest priority?

Choose a fictional work apart from the Watchmen (though you may also make use of the novel) that will serve as your primary source that will inform your argument. These may include poetry, plays, short stories, novels, or films. Additionally, choose 8 secondary sources that provide additional support for your overall argument.

Search Tips & Key Databases

Search Tips: Use 2-4 keywords or phrases. Use quotation marks around two or more words you want to treat as a phrase. Limit by Subject Terms if applicable.

Suggested Keywords: climate change, environmental justice, global warming, nuclear safety, nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, social justice, disinformation, misinformation, fake news on social media, activism, etc.

Evaluating Sources: CRAAP Test and more

Key Databases: Opposing Viewpoints in Context, US Major Dailies and EBSCOhost



Suggested Titles

Critical Theory Resources


Cite your sources in MLA 8 or 9 format. Choose one and be consistent.

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