Discussion Board (DB#1),

Use either: The Economist magazine (via the Los Angeles County Library), New York Times Business section, Washington Post Business section, Los Angeles Times Business, Wall Street Journal (via U.S. Major Dailies) or the Financial Times only. 

* Newspapers are available on Citrus library's website. Use your campus login to access (same as Canvas).

Find one article that discusses in depth the state of the current U.S. economy or how much the U.S. economy is growing or shrinking. Discuss in detail one or more of the following economic variables:

  • GDP growth,
  • unemployment,
  • national income or U.S. exports.
  • inflation
  • consumer spending
  • business investment 

Explain why the variable is changing. Be sure to include numbers of percentages for these variables.

Address the following from your article:

  1. Explain the economic variable (GDP, unemployment, etc.) in detail. Explain why it’s occurring. (5-7 sentences)
  2. What’s the future for the economy or this economic variable look like? (5-7 sentences)
  3. Give the source for your article.
  4. What is your major? Why are you taking the class?

Accessing Newspaper Articles

Access National Newspapaers - 5 US Major Dailies

To locate articles from any of the newspapers below in print, online, blogs or video use the following search limiters and add your own topic. From your results, you can also limit by location, publication title and more.

advanced search example

US Major Dailies only provides APA 7. For more on APA, see Citation Help page.

APA 7 citation example

Key News Sources

The Economist Jan 2021 Cover - Red with a dragon holding a shopping cart. Title: The future of e-commerce

Limit by publication date or publication title

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