This guide provides information resources for the communication skills speech, informative career speech and persuasive speech of public policy.

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Other Sources for Bills

  • Find a Bill - Limit by Subject area and narrow even further by subcategories

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Government websites like the Occupational Outlook Handbook provide current information on a wide variety of occupations.

Look for "Contacts for More Info." This information includes links to professional associations. These association websites often provide information about trends in the field. Look on association websites for news articles, advocacy issues, publications, etc. 

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Graphic illustration the 9 steps of the legislative process

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Use the Advanced Search feature to limit by legislation types.

Other advanced features include limiting by subjects, select any that might apply. 

Who is your Representative?

Find Bills & Gather Secondary Sources

Access newspaper databases below to locate current secondary sources:

Other Sources

Professional associations often use their websites to communicate with their members about current issues (maybe pending legislation).

  • Feature articles about these issues in association publications like newsletters or journals.
  • Calling members to action, persuading them to contact their local or federal representatives.
  • These websites often link to other resources for policy, legislation, and other advocacy efforts.
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