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How do I log into a computer network, wi-fi, WingSpan, library databases, and/or Canvas?
The username to access these services is the first part of your Citrus email before the @. The password is your Citrus email password. Tip: Usernames over 20 characters need to be shortened from the beginning to total no more than 20 including the numbers. WingSpan and Canvas can be accessed from the campus homepage or campus portal (my.citruscollege.edu).

What is my Citrus email address?
Check your welcome letter for your Citrus email address. It includes the first three letters of your first name, your entire last name, and three random numbers followed by @student.citruscollege.edu. Your username is the portion before the @ symbol.

How do I log into my Citrus Email?
Visit my.citruscollege.edu/ , select Student Email. The username is your entire email address. If you already have a password, enter it. You will be prompted to update your information. If you don't know the password, please move on to the next section for more information. 

How do I set/reset my email password?
Set/Reset your email password by selecting "Can't access your account?". Enter your entire email address and, after 5 minutes, use the default password: Capital "C", lowercase "c", and full birthday: CcMMDDYYYY. You will be prompted to update your account with more information. Future resets will use the security information you provide. 

How do I forward my Citrus email to another email account?
Log into your email account, open Outlook, select Settings (gear) icon. Under “Your app settings”, select “Mail”. Under “Accounts”, select “Forwarding”, then “Start Forwarding”. Enter your email address and then select “Save". Tip: Send an email to your Citrus account to verify that forwarding is working correctly.


How can I print and what is the cost?
As of Feb 23, there are three printers available to students in the library. Until we receive our new, permanent printers and updated print management system, students can enjoy free, unlimited printing. Check back here for updates: Learn more. Photocopying and scanning services are not provided by the library. 

How can I view/renew my library materials?
To view your library account, Sign In to the OneSearch library catalog with your campus login. Visit the Access e-Resources 24/7 link on the library homepage for more information. Items can be renewed twice before they are overdue. 

For other login issues, submit an Account Issues Form or call the TeCs HELP desk (626) 857-4100

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