Citing Sources

An encyclopedia article from an electronic book with more than one editor.

Basic Format:

Author Last Name, First Name. (Year). Title of Article. In Editor First Name Last Name & Editor First Name Last Name (Eds.), Title of Book (page range of article). City: Publisher. Retrieval statement (no period, no underline or hyperlink)

Harley, Christopher. (2007). Zonation. In S.D. Gaines & M.W. Denny (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Tidepools and Rocky Shores (pp. 647-653). Berkeley: University of California Press. Retrieved from

An academic journal article from a database or website

Basic Format:

Author Last Name, First Name. (Issue Date). Title of Article. Title of journal, Volume (Issue no. if separate pagination), pages. DIO number or URL in a retrieval statement.

Example with DOI (Digital Object Identifier):

Chun, S., Lee, J., Radosevich, M., White, D., & Geyer, R. (2006). Influence of agricultural antibiotics and 17β-Estradiol on the    microbial community of soil. Journal Of Environmental Science & Health, Part B -- Pesticides, Food Contaminants, & Agricultural Wastes, 41(6), 923-935. doi:10.1080/03601230600806095

A website

Basic Format:

Author Last Name, First Name (or Organization). (Date or n.d. for no date). Title of web page. DOI or Retrieval statement with URL

Orange County Marine Protected Area Council. (n.d.). Research and Monitoring. Retrieved from


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