Suggested Subject Terms

agricultural antibiotics
agricultural bacteriology

effect of antibiotic on microorganisms

effect of antibiotic on plants
mechanisms of action (biochemistry)
pathogenic microorganisms
soil microbiology

soil science
soil laboratories

[specific antibiotic name]

Other suggested key phrases
antibiotic production
microbial produced antibiotics

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  • Cell (citations only 1993-present) *
  • Immunity (citations only 2002-present) *
  • Lancet (full-text 1991-2006, citations 1989-present) *
  • Nature (full-text 1997-2015 w/ 12 mo. delay)*
  • New England Journal of Medicine (citations only 1985-present) *
  • PLoS ONE (full-text 2008-present) *
  • PNAS (citations only 1996-present) *
  • Science (full-text 1997-2004, citations 1994-present) *

* Instructor recommended

Key Databases for Academic Journals

EBSCOhost (select multiple databases and check to GreenFILE)

  • Academic Search Premier
  • AltHealthWatch
  • GreenFile
  • Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition
  • MasterFILE Premier

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  • Publication date
  • Scholarly (Peer-reviewed)


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