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Recent Research About Math Teaching and Learning

The Anti-Anxiety Curriculum: Combating Math Anxiety in the Classroom

Negative attitudes toward mathematics and what has come to be know as "math anxiety are serious obstacles for children in all levels of schooling today. In this paper, the literature is reviewed and critically assessed in regards to the roots of math anxiety and its especially detrimental effect on children in "at-risk" populations such as low socioeconomic status and females. The effects of teachers' and parents' assumptions, family support, and parents' level of educational attainment will be addressed. The paper also addresses the curricular issues that may lead to math anxiety such as high stress instructional methods and "timed testing".

Point of View: Opinions about Math Teaching

A Mathematician's Lament.  Paul Lockhart argues that math should be taught the way music and art are taught: not with emphasis on utility, but on stimulating fantasy and creativity. Long article, but if you plan to teach, he has ideas you should consider.

High School Teaching Standards

K-12 California’s Common Core Content Standards for Mathematics

The Standards for Mathematical Practice describe varieties of expertise that mathematics educators at all levels should seek to develop in their students.

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