This course guide will help PSY 101 students find print and online resources for research assignments.

Peterson Assignment

Select a disorder to research

  • Locate 1+ print books, ebooks,
  • Locate 3+ journal articles
  • in addition to your textbook, the DSM and reputable websites
  • use APA citation format, exclude the abstract
  • 4-6 typed pages excluding title and references pages


  • Introduction: Clearly define what you are presenting and why you selected this topic
  • Body: background, diagnostic criteria (per DSM-5) and pervasiveness (how common and what population of individuals it affects), causes, ages, gender, treatment strategies (medication, therapy/theories) and any other information you feel is relevant.
  • Conclusion: Explain what you learned and how this info will help you personally/professionally.


Video Clip on Developing a Topic

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Psychology Topic Ideas

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