Welcome to the Anthropology 216H Research Guide - Spring 2021

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Part 1: The Proposal 

  • Select a human issue on sex and gender that you want to conduct a cross-cultural comparison on and try to find anthropological solution for. Write a proposal (1-2 paragraphs) on a topic. 

  • A few examples of larger issues where you can select something within these and tie back to culture: i.e. intersex, transgender/transexuality acceptance, equality, structural violence, inequality, etc. See assignment PDF for more ideas. 

  • Consider ideologies, practices, beliefs, social structures, social institutions, enculturation, culture change, etc. 

Part 2: The Annotated Bibliography

  • Locate 3+ scholarly sources (history, contemporary data, analysis, etc.)

    • Peer reviewed articles preferred
  • Provide a citation for this source in your References

  • Provide a brief summary of the information in the article

Part 3: The Essay/Report

  • Write a 5-6 page report 

    • explain the issue, how its related to culture, who the stakeholders are and what are their positions/ concerns/ desires/ etc. 
    • use annotated bibliography sources to support your explanations
    • consider data from participant observation, pop culture, news sources, media, etc.  
    • use 5-10 terms from class (bold and define them the first time you use them)
    • prepare at least one possible solution/approach using an applied anthropological perspective
    • present why this solution will help and how it relates to the cultural context of the group
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