Welcome to the Anthropology 216H Research Guide - Spring 2022

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Part 1: The Proposal/Abstract

  • Pick a human issue of sex and gender that you're interested in doing some research on and that you could use use anthropology to come up with some solutions that would be culturally relative and culturally relevant. Write a proposal (1-2 paragraphs) on this research topic.

  • Identify the topic and what you think you'd like to do with it. No need for solutions yet at this stage of the project but you should see how anthropology connects to this issue (or can possibly help with it). Include if you are going to to a paper or presentation option.

  • A few examples of larger issues where you can select something within these and tie back to culture: i.e. i.e. intersex, LGBTQIA+, acceptance/ discrimination/ media representation, equality, structural violence, biopower, inequality, etc. See assignment PDF for more ideas. 

  • Consider ideologies, practices, beliefs, social structures, social institutions, enculturation, culture change, media/social media, etc. Choose a topic you feel anthropology could help with. 

Part 2: The Annotated Bibliography

  • Locate 3+ scholarly sources (history, contemporary data, analysis, etc.)

    • Peer reviewed journal articles preferred
    • Published within the past 10 years required for most sources
  • Provide a citation for this source in your References

  • Provide a brief summary of the information in the article

Part 3: The Essay/Report or Outline/Presentation

  • Option 1: The Essay Report

    • write a 5-6 page report on your proposal/abstract topic

    • provide info on the groups/culture involved, the nature of the sex/gender issue, how culture is related to this issue, and culturally relative solutions/suggestions directed at the stakeholders or people who work in this area or on this topic.
    • in addition to the 3+ scholarly articles, use annotated bibliography sources to support your explanations
    • consider data from participant observation, pop culture, news sources, media, etc.  
    • DO NOT conduct interviews that have not had IRB approval for this project, however, you can observe what is happening around you. Feel free to include overheard conversations, just don't interview anyone.
    • use 5-10 relevant terms from class (bold and define them the first time you use them)
    • prepare at least one possible solution/approach using an applied anthropological perspective that incorporates respect, partnership with the stakeholders, agency of the people involved and culturally relativity.
    • present why this solution will help and how it relates to the cultural context of the group
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