This course guide will help SOC 114 students find print and online resources for research assignments.

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Welcome to the SOC 114 LibGuide


This guide provides sociology students information and strategies for accessing print and online sources in order to effectively research a topic of choice related to a psychology course.  Ideally, this guide is used as a companion to the in-person library orientation taught by a library faculty member.

Guide users come to a writing task with a wide range of library research experience. For some, this is your first research paper at Citrus, this may even be your first college class. For others the research process may be familiar but our library resources and search strategies may be new to you. For those repeating this course, keep an eye out for new resources and tips.

This guide is organized into major areas reflected in the page tabs above. 

1) Home
2) Reserves
3) Print
4) Audiovisual
5) eBooks
6) EBSCOhost
7) Websites 
8) Careers
9) Citations
10) SLOs

Let's get started!

SOC 114 Marriage, Family and Intimate Relations Course Outline

Use your textbook and course outline for research topic ideas. 


I. Background for Marriage

A. The paired relation in a mass society

B. Learning to love

C. Love in marriage

D. Human sexuality: basic responses, attitudes and behavior

II. Mate Selection: Factors Contributing to Marital Success and Failure

III. The Married Couple

A. Character of the institution of marriage and the peculiarities of the American marriage

B. Role behavior in marriage

C. Sources of conflict in marriage and adjustive responses

D. Alternative lifestyles

E. Economics of marriage

IV. Nature of the Family

A. Changing character of the family

B. Pregnancy and childbirth

C. Sequence of the child's behavioral development

D. Socialization of the child

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